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Templates are designed to specific configuations but many can be customized within limits. Colors can be modified within the limits of the graphics used and customizing the header depends on the quality of the image you can provide. Contact me, provide an email address (NO free email providers please), the name or URL of the template on this web site you would like to have personalized, with your photo, and a link to your image at one of the photo storage galleries. If the image is not online please say so and I will respond with an email address where you can send it.

I will review the template and image to determine the suitability of using it with the template you've chosen, and email a quote.

Creating a Template

If you like the layout of a specific web site contact me, provide an email address (NO free email providers please), providing the URL and I will email you a quote to create a customized template that is similar in design. This quote will include only the creation of the template that establishes the layout of your new design. Creating the graphics or processing images/photos will be an additional charge.

Custom Web Design Prices

Today just having a web site isn't enough. Yes, your web site needs to be attractive, but having the most attractive web site on the internet is not going to earn you a high search engine placement, nor are hundreds of links, unless those links come from web sites that are top notch. Quality content targeted specifically to search engines and your audience is needed. Tracking search results will allow tweeking content to optimize your efforts. What does earn a high search engine placement? At least four items in the following list can only be done by your webmaster.

  • SEO requires utilizing Search Engine Optimization correctly!
  • SEO requires XHTML or HTML *validated* code!
  • SEO requires correct use of Meta Tags!
  • SEO requires researching and choosing relevant Key Words!
  • SEO requires your targeted content using relevant Key Words!
  • SEO requires appropriate use of *title*, *alt* and *header* tags!
  • SEO requires quality incoming links!

What the experts will not tell you is that improper implementation of several of the above requirements, especially incoming links and hidden keywords in your code, can actually get your domain BANNED from even having a listing in the search engines much less a high listing.

I strive to keep my prices low however, every cutomer and every design, template and graphic is different so it is impossible to give exact prices here. These are base prices, number of images and content may cause them to be modified. Minimum charge 1 hour, additional time charged in 30 minute blocks.

  • Base xhtml validated template (index page) $75-$125
  • Pages 2-? using the same template $40-$80 per page depending on content
  • Custom Contact (up to 10 fields) $35-60 and 404 Error page $25-40
  • Graphic design (includes photo processing) $25-50 p/h
  • Site maintenance/updates $30 p/h, 1 hour minimum
  • Consultation (advice on content, graphics, SEO targeting etc) $25 p/h
  • Install Word Press Blogging software & customize template $75-150

What you need:

  • Domain Name: Advice available, correct selection of a domain name directly impacts your SEO possibilities!
  • Hosting: Hosting companies vary tremendously in what they allow the user to install
  • Quality Content: Targeted content is essential to your SEO placement
  • Regular Content Updates: Updating and adding new articles give search engines a reason to return

Recommended minimum number of pages for the average personal or hobby web site is four pages businesses should calculate a minimum of 7 pages and at least monthly web site updates into the budget:

  • Entrance page: This would spotlight the subject of your web site
  • Your story or history (Contact Page can be merged into this page to begin)
  • Web site specific content
  • Privacy Policy

You can reduce the final cost of your web site by participating in creation of labor intensive projects such as creating a Privacy Policy, searching out and asking Quality web sites to link to you. Finally creating high caliber content that is rich with Search Engine friendly terms.

Are you fairly computer literate then once your web site is set up Eolian can walk you through the process of doing your own regular updates. Carefully weigh this option as it can cost more in the end, if we must fix errors, since we won't necessarily have a current copy of the page in question prior to your update. We can advise you on a procedure to reduce the chance of this but we cannot be responsible if you do not put it into practice.

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